Slated by Teri Terry (Book Review)


Greetings, my dear Stars!

Slated was one of those books I totally judged by their covers. I was actually in the bookstore one day, looking for something to read, and when I couldn’t find anything in the usual place I get my books I decided to give this series a try. I’d seen them before, so I figured, why not?

Kyla is certainly an interesting character. We meet her while she’s in the hospital, about to get discharged and thrown into the arms of her new family, and from that very first moment it’s almost as if you want to get to know everything about her. Her hopes, fears, dreams… the whole load, and we really do during the course of the book.

A majority of the book is spent developing her character, with subtle clues being dropped here and there that lead to major events we only realise are going to happen much later on. In terms of the other characters, I did feel as though they weren’t as developed as Kyla. I think we could have had a bit more interaction with them that told us who they really were (like Jazz… I had my doubts about him through the whole book. And her mom. And her sister. And pretty much… everyone else, really). Their personalities seemed to blend together just a little bit, but it was easy to overlook that because all you really wanted to focus on was Kyla.

What really struck me as unique was definitely the backstory and current situation about the setting. I think that in itself was what really pushed me to actually buy the first two books in the trilogy, and I can happily say that Slated didn’t disappoint. Perhaps Kyla wasn’t as relatable as I would have like her to be, maybe we hadn’t delved into all the action at once in Slated, but I can tell you this: Slated is a truly unique book that takes you through a real rollercoaster of new discoveries.

I’d give this book an 80%, which means it officially is in the green on my great-level-o-meter.

Rating: 4/5

Category: Dystopian

Price Range: Around $7 (Paperback)

Where Can I Buy It?: Amazon or Book Depository

Should I Buy It: If you’re a dystopian lover, then this book is definitely for you.



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