Octavia Cover Release (+Giveaway)

Greetings, my dear Stars (and Wattpad readers)! I've been working on a new book, titled Octavia. This is what the cover will look like when the book is first released on Wattpad. If you can guess the category/genre, I have a big bonus chapter giveaway coming your way that won't be released in the actual … Continue reading Octavia Cover Release (+Giveaway)


How To Avoid Writer’s Block

Greetings, my dear Stars! To make this perfectly clear, I despise writer’s block. I hate the feeling that comes with it, and the after effects, too, so today I’m here to help you guys avoid this terribly contagious, airborne illness at all costs. Also, take note that this is how to avoid writer’s block and … Continue reading How To Avoid Writer’s Block