Red Bow Rants: Writer’s Block

Greetings, my dear Stars!

Yes, in case you’re wondering, I’ve now officially started a rant series, called Red Bow Rants. Before I get into it, I just wanted to say that this is in collaboration with my and Jaune’s YouTube/official WordPress blog, Sparkle Koalas. The site isn’t yet up, though, but I will update this when it is. The reason behind the “Red Bow Rants” name will be revealed either in a video or another post 🙂

Anyway, I’m sure all you writers out there reading this have suffered from that awful thing called writer’s block… in some way or form. (For the people that don’t know what I’m talking about… writer’s block is when you have a metaphorical block in front of your brain preventing you from getting the words/ideas in your head onto paper/screen.)

Honestly, it’s not something that I get very often, if ever. I like to plan out all my writing projects in great detail (does this mean I’ll be posting a planning notebook tour? Hm…), so I usually know how I’m going to write a scene, how everything’s going to happen and pretty much everything everyone is going to say. So, I’m good, most of the time.

When I’m not good, all I need to do is stop writing, go and read, eat and relax, then get back to writing and I feel revived. But I was working on chapter eight of Like a Dream, and the thing is… I know exactly what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen and the works, but I don’t actually know how to go about writing the beginning of my chapter! It’s so freaking annoying, because I know what I want to do but the words always seem to come out forced and wrong in the beginning parts of the chapter.

I’ve even changed up the beginning in my planning a little bit, but I can’t seem to write. I decided on writing multiple scenes starting from the end of the chapter and working my way to the beginning, and it’s going good so far. I’m going to then rewrite that so that it all makes perfect sense, and nobody gets confused (or feels the need to personally kill me).

I just don’t understand, though, how sometimes you can write like three chapters a day one day and then the next you’re like: wat r wordz. I’m convinced that some higher force is writing a novel of our lives, and writing in scenes to make our lives difficult. Because I love fiction writing, but this is ugh.



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