LaD Snippet

Greetings, my dear Stars! You have a Like A Dream snippet, coming through your way 😉

like a dream new

“He’ll be here any minute now -”

“Actually, I’m already here.”

We all turned our heads to look at the new arrival, but I’d known who it was from the very first word he’d spoken. That didn’t mean that I was surprised, though. If I had to think about everything very carefully, it all was glaringly obvious and logical, but I’d been too caught up in everything to realise that.

“Aster?” I questioned, astounded.

Wonder what’s happening here… though to be honest, if you’ve been reading my book then it’s pretty darn obvious to most people, I can imagine. You guys can read LaD for free on Wattpad, by simply clicking here. If you’re feeling extra kind today, drop me a follow, maybe? Either way, I appreciate all your support, even if you’re just reading my snippets 🙂



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