Study Tips (Because We All Need More Of Them)

Greetings, my dear Stars!

Your #postaday entry is here about studying, as promised. In yesterday’s post, I said that there was going to be an entry entitled The Thing About Studying, but I’ve decided to put that on hold, because it’s a lot to write about and even though I finished half the draft, I still need to collect together my thoughts and double-check the facts on it.

Without further ado…

TIP #1: Understand What Type of Learner You Are

It’s really vitally important that you understand what kind of learner you are, and there’s a reason I put it as tip #1. Primarily, there are three types of learning styles: audio, visual and kinaesthetic. To find out what type of learner you are, click on this link to take you to a quiz to find out.

TIP #2: Know the Definitions

I know that this tip may be tedious and terribly boring at times, but find an interesting way to learn your definitions. Depending on the subject you’re learning for, they may not help you with the actual legit content, but they will definitely make you understand the question better and start formulating answers.

TIP #3: Listen to Classical Music

Before you comment asking, no, you shouldn’t be listening to pop or rock or your favourite song. Studies show that listening to classical, soothing music (the type without any lyrics, guys) actually helps your brain process information better.

TIP #4: Chew Bubblegum When You Study

Yep, this is an actual useful tip, especially if you are allowed to chew bubblegum while writing your test. Chew a specefic flavour of bubblegum when you study, and then chew the same flavour of bubblegum when you write your test. It will help you remember what you were studying when you were chewing the gum.

TIP #5: Don’t Highlight Keywords

This one sounds really strange, but the truth of the matter is, if you highlight keywords then you will have too many to learn and your page will look like every fifth word is highlighted. Try and highlight key sentences instead, or…

TIP #6: Summarise Paragraphs

Super important. Usually, paragraphs are elaborations of one idea, so this works. However, use your discretion and judgement and decide for yourself if another important sentence or two is worth learning.

TIP #7: Record Yourself and Play It Back

Especially useful for the night before the test, when you already know your work and you just need to revise. Record yourself asking questions and then answering them. Play the questions when you are revising, and you can always pause the audio so that you can answer and play it again to see if you answer is right or wrong.

TIP #8: Exercise In Study Breaks

Even for fifteen minutes, get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. It’s good for you.

TIP #9: Study With/Without A Partner

This depends on your learning style and general preference.

TIP #10: Keep Your Workspace

Keeping the space around you tidy and organised. It’ll ease your mind, okay?

TIP #11: Use Mindmaps

Once you’re sure you know your work, put away your books, get out your art supplies and copy paper and draw yourself a beautiful mindmap filled with summarised information of everything you’ve learnt.

TIP #12: Have A Study Schedule

Before you even start studying, look at the dates you’re writing on, work out how many days you need to study and draw up a study schedule.

TIP #13: Give Yourself An Incentive

Every time you succeed in a particular area you’re struggling with, go and buy some chocolate. Unless you’re allergic – then buy marshmallows. Or, you know, you could give yourself a mental pat on the back.

TIP #14: Get Out the House

You need to have fun just as much as you need to breathe during the study period. So once in a while, take a break and go have luxury coffee with your buddies. It’ll only do you good.


That sums up all the study tips for now, you guys! I hope this helps you, and I wish you guys all the best on any future test or exam you have. Tell me about how it went in the comments if you want to, too! You Stars can look forward to having access to a list of my phobias pretty soon ❤



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