Storytime: Why & How I Started My Blog

Greetings, my dear Stars!
I was browsing through a couple of blogs yesterday and I caught site of entries explaining why the blogger started their blog. Personally, I found them very interesting to read, and I decided on sharing my own story about this blog with you guys.
Technically speaking, I created my WordPress account and shell of a blog sometime in November 2016. At the time, I was really busy with school and final exams, and all the features on WordPress seemed terrifyingly confusing to me.
I didn’t even really know how to blog, if I’m being honest. I wasn’t comfortable with blogging or attempting to write something that I hoped people out there found ‘cool’. I actually really wanted to have my own YouTube channel, where I uploaded awesome, perfect quality videos with popular content, but my personality was (and still is) a little bit too introverted to be a YouTuber, and I realised that quickly.
At the time, I wasn’t sure of my ambitions. Why did I want to start a YouTube channel? Why did I want to throw myself out there in the crazy world of the internet? Did I want to be famous? Was that it?
I unknowingly debated with myself after that, and one day it was as if a light switch had gone off in my mind. All I really wanted to do was simply just express myself. I tried to be like Anne Frank and write a diary, but I couldn’t bring myself to be faithful to it. I couldn’t write about every moment of every day with emotions and feelings. I didn’t enjoy it, so I trashed that idea.
It was then that I created my WordPress account in the hopes of having a DIY blog, but I again was too lazy to teach myself how to use WordPress and how to actually write a good quality blog entry. Soon after I created my account on here, we had to do an English assignment for marks, and that was writing a very short blog post. I wrote it, and I got 100%. I was immensely proud of myself, but I still wasn’t comfortable with basically YouTubing in writing form.
It was two months before I designed my blog. I was sort of happy with the design, and as a result posted two mediocre-quality entries. They’re deleted now, but they were about 10 Random Facts About Me and The Secret to Peanut Butter & Jam/Jelly Sandwiches.
Every time I looked at my site, though, I felt like cringing. I wasn’t getting a single view, either.
So, I abandoned my site yet again.
I’m not sure what made me kick-start this blog again. All I know is that I was with my laptop in a no-wifi area, and the next thing you know, I began to type. Within fifteen minutes, two literate and incredibly satisfying entries were typed up, about a subject I was passionate about.
Graphics and design. And to make it even better, they were related to websites.
I got home the next morning, revamped my site and immediately posted them. They got positive feedback. I was thrilled that people were finding my How-To guides actually useful. I stayed away from topics that I didn’t want to write about, and the next day I had another post up with more positive feedback.
I realise now why I started blogging… literate blogging, more like. I needed a place to just be myself, a place where I could be helpful and go on and on about pretty much any topic I liked. I look forward to posting every day on WordPress after school now, and I’m so glad. Even if my day is horrible, at least I know I can feel a little better just typing away to my heart’s content, and not worrying about real life.
Of course, real life time overrides my time on WordPress, but I really love the feeling I get when I write. I thought for a long time that my true passion was fiction-writing, and it is one of my passions… but it certainly can’t rival this.
My life took a turn for the positive when I started this blog again four days ago, and for that I am incredibly thankful. All you bloggers out there… you inspire me. Keep on doing what you do. I will always be part of your community and support group.
I think that’s how this story should end. It felt so good posting this 😉
Anyway, look out for tomorrow’s entries, The Thing About Studying and Study Tips (Because We All Need Them). I think it’s something you guys would enjoy.
(P.S Whenever you see ‘Storytime:’ before the title, then you’ll know that I’ll be telling you guys a personal story or sharing something happening in my life.)



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