My Bucket List 2017

Greetings, my dear Stars!

So, a lot of people I know off the screen have been talking about striking off items on their bucket lists recently. I, unlike those people, haven’t actually gotten a chance to sit down and make a bucket list, and now that I do, I really didn’t want to make one that will last me a lifetime.

I mean, let’s be totally honest here. There are too many things I want to achieve that will all be crammed into one long list without meaning, and my interests will probably change over the years, so I came to a helpful conclusion in my mind.

Every year, I’m going to write myself a bucket list, and I will make sure that I complete it. I’ll most probably just update this post every time I need to add something on here. Without further ado, here it is.

  1. Get 100 followers on Instagram (because I’m totally anti-social :P)
  2. Write at least fifteen chapters of my book on Wattpad.
  3. Get over my fear of clowns.
  4. Film a video and post it on YouTube.
  5. Get good grades.
  7. Join a sports team.
  8. Host an online contest/giveaway.
  9. Build a base of 25 followers here on WordPress.
  10. Do something totally crazy with my best friend.
  11. Fill up my sketchbook with decent drawings.
  12. Read more than 100 books.

Tell me about you guys! Do you have any similar interests? What’s on your bucket list?

Love Y.


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