Exclusive Interview With Wattpad Author Rua Hasan

Greetings, my dear Stars!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to get Wattpad author Rua Hasan involved in an interview. For those of you who don’t know, Rua has written multiple successful and thrilling books on Wattpad including Tyler’s Gem , Fangs vs Claws and Your Love Is My Weapon. If you haven’t read them, you definitely should. Her account name is TwinziHasan.

Q: What was your first book on Wattpad, what did it feel like publishing it and how did you feel when you finished it?

A: Well the very first book I wrote here on Wattpad was a book called Guardian Of The Golden Sphere. It only had over 200 views. I never finished it because I wasn’t encouraged and motivated to. I started off very small and my writing skills were horrible so I paused with the writing, started reading instead and improved. I then deleted it and wrote my second book Fangs Vs Claws which was more successful because of my improvement.

Q: Do you believe that practice in writing makes perfect?

A: I honestly do. As I said before. When I first started off I was horrible in writing. I wrote like a first grader and it was very cringey but after a year of reading and writing my skills got better. Practice makes perfect.

Q: What are the most difficult things about writing a character from the opposite gender?

A: Well maybe it’s trying to write their thoughts and actions when you know nothing about how the opposite gender actually thinks.

Q: How many hours a day do you write?

A: I’m on break now which means that I’m not writing because of school load but when I did I’d only write once a week (on the weekends) and honestly those days when I’d write, I’d spend probably five-seven hours writing. Obviously I’d take breaks between them though.

Q: What is your favorite book that you have written and why?

A: Mine I’d have to say is Tyler’s Gem. I feel like I succeeded for once and it actually  got the views I was looking for. I also love it because it managed to touch many readers’ hearts and made them emotional. It’s one of my favorites because I managed to write some content that I know other books might not have and show the real problems in the world we live in today.

Q: How do you overcome writer’s block?

A: Well, I’d say read. It gives me inspiration. That’s how I’d over come it. Also do something you enjoy doing like watching a movie, going out for a run or talking with a friend.

Q: Do you have any advice for young writers?

AI do. Remember that big dreams start off small. You might think that you are going no where and that your book isn’t getting the views you want but remember that it takes time. A flower doesn’t grow over night and the same goes with success. Remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t just sit there waiting for your dreams to come true. Take action! It takes baby steps but soon you will notice the difference. Even though you tried and tried but never succeeded then it’s not the end of the world for every closed door is a pathway to an open one and remember that rejection is protection. You might think that this is you failing but this is actually you trying. So don’t give up. Success is waiting right around the corner.

And that pretty much concludes the interview, dear Stars! I’d like to thank Rua again for taking the time to co-operate with me. You give fantastic advice, and I’m sure everyone here would love to see you writing again soon.

Love Y.


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