How To Make Your Blog Look Pretty (Part One)

Greetings, my dear Stars!

This week I thought I’d share with you how to make your website look fabulously pretty and attractive. After typing up the first draft, though, I realised that I’d probably want to split this into two parts as there are two main topics that I thought I’d cover. So, after you read this, head over to (Part Two) if you still need some help!

Having started this blog not too long ago, I realised just how much the design and look of your website/blog attracts people. There were two things I primarily noticed, and I’m going to write about the first one today.

And that is your colour scheme (and by default, style).

To start off, the colours and style of your site can say a lot about who you are, or if not, the type of things you blog about. For instance, Infinite Starburst is primarily different shades of blues and greys, so that will tell you that although I blog about a wide range of different things and ideas, blue is one of my favourite colours. If my blog was mostly pink and had the title The Beauty Room or something, then you’d know that I would be a beauty blogger that would bring you some awesome tips and tricks in keeping you looking as great as you are.

Titles play a big role in your blog, too, but we can discuss that another time.

As I was saying, colours are important, and you can always go back and change them no matter what blog host you are paired with, whether it be WordPress or Google’s BlogSpot. And now that you know that, your brain might be trotting around the real question: how do I go about choosing the right colour scheme?

For the purposes of reading this a little easier, I’ll give it to you in a step-by-step guide.


Think of one or two colours that you really like. You want to actually enjoy looking at your completed website, not dreaded posting that week.


With that colour in mind, open up a colour palette website. I will link some at the end of this post for you guys. Instead of doing that, though, you could also open Google Images and type in “[colour here] palette” or have a general colour theme in mind, like “Winter Colour Palette”.


Go to the section of your website that lets you customize your colours. I’m not sure about other hosts, but on WordPress that would be click the “Customize” button next to “Themes”.


Find a colour PALETTE that you like. Colour palettes are fantastic for a multitude of reasons which I’m about to explain. Your website can’t all be one exact shade or tint of one colour, right? It has to be different in certain areas, and that’s where colour palettes come in. Colour palettes allow you to see what looks good and complements a certain colour. For example, red, gold, yellow, orange, brown and even subtle pinks can be found in an Autumn Colour Palette and would go wonderfully together on the same website.


Add in your colours. Simple enough, right? I can’t tell you exactly how to do this as this step will be different for everyone. This is technically the last step in terms of picking colours for your site, and hopefully after this it will look just that little bit better.



Color Palettes

Browse Palettes

Even after editing, this turned out longer than I expected, and I apologise for that. But I hope it really did help you! This post will be part of a series in which you all set up your blogs, and just because WordPress is awesome and the host I’m most familiar with, I will most probably do an entire separate series especially for WordPress users.

In any case, don’t even hesitate to leave comments! I love hearing from you guys.

Love Y.


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